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Tailored Retail 
Merchandising Service

We understand your business requirements and through trained staff resources, cutting edge technology and specialised operations and logistics, we are able to tailor a solution for you and fulfil these expectations. We apply a hands-on approach and an open-door policy to training, coaching and mentorship thereby delivering only the highest standards.

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To date, not only have we maintained our client base but continue to improve our service offering to them.

Fresh Produce



We have consistently maintained an average KPI score of 96% across our client base.

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Our staff retention rate is improving year on year. This year we had a 17% improvement in staff turnover.

RetailStar Logo SINGLE COLOUR W-01.png

Rooted in Consistency. Ready for change.

Our rich history in the retail environment, from operations and logistics to sales and hygiene, has built our business on a strong foundation. It is because of this, along with the funnelling down of knowledge and experience, that we have created the quality and tailored service that we can offer you today. Add to this your brand policies and our day-to-day feedback enables us to provide you a better service tomorrow.

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No more hiring or firing.

Our quality and experienced replenishers are supported by the latest technology and a team of infield managers who together make sure that your store meets your brand’s retail standards. Leaving your employed staff to do what they do best.

Retail Star replenishers go far beyond what is expected of them and are always mindful of the little things. It is because of this that store managers have rated Retail Star the highest merchandising service among our competitors.

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Our Solutions

Let us tailor a retail solution for you.

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While our replenishers’ training is tailored to meet each individual clients’ standards, they are all orientated in the Retail Star way. This includes a criminal background check along with tests on basic skills to ensure that only eligible candidates make their way to the clients’ premises.

Retail Star replenishers are monitored daily by area managers who are responsible for deployed teams on either 12 hour shift window. 

Leaving your employed staff to do what they do best.

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Using your store’s planograms and their trained product knowledge - our replenishers maintain product accessibility and employ correct product placement procedures timeously.

While experienced in your day-to-day replenishing needs, our replenishers are ready to take on any current sales floor needs such as customer assistance and aisle clean ups, once again upholding brand standards and policies.

Even when working as a team, individuals take personal responsibility to up hold your brand’s promise.



Equipment is specially designed to house products and produce and correct product placement not only means longer lasting, fresher produce but keeps refrigeration equipment operating efficiently.

Retail Star Replenishers apply appropriate daily cleaning and correctly prescribed chemicals, to ensure hygienically cleaned surfaces for produce to be presented. 

Shelves are routinely cleaned, sanitiSed, shuffled and replenished from the back.

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Our high productivity and timeous execution is supported by process. 

From waste removal policies to cold chain policies Retail Star replenishers understand the value of process and the adherence of policies.

By applying and adhering to your brands prescribed policies, our replenishers retain the quality of the products and of your brand.